Plug In Chandeliers - Mini Swag Lighting

Everybody loves chandeliers. Nothing says elegance and style quite like a chandelier. They provide both beauty and light at the same time. They add an extra dimension, literally, to your decor. At the same time, chandeliers can be expensive and hard to install. Larger chandeliers require special wiring and installation. But now, there's an easy to use, plug-and-play solution. It's called a . . .

Plug in chandelier. You get the elegance and sophistication of the chandelier, without all the hassle, expense and complication of a hardwired installation. You can be enjoying a new chandelier, literally 15 min. after getting it home. And with no extra charges for installation or special wiring.


plug in chandelier               


Plug in chandeliers, sometimes also known as swag chandeliers, come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They hang from the ceiling by a swag chain, thus the name. The chain is held by hooks, mounted into the ceiling. The chain and the electric cord are intertwined and go down the wall to the outlet. There is no need for any special wiring nor any complicated installation. Just plug it in and you are good to go. Instant ambience. And great for renters.

Your choice of styles includes traditional, contemporary, painted glass, real crystal, acrylic and even silk. You can find something to fit every decor and mood. Unlike more traditional chandeliers, many of these include a plastic or silk shade or other fabric that adds to its appeal. The soft light diffusion provided by the shade gives the room a warm, inviting look and feel. It also makes a more casual statement than a formal chandelier, and so, you can put up a plug in chandelier in just about any room or hallway.

You have probably seen a lot of plug in chandeliers in restaurants, where they are very common, without realizing they were plug ins. Now, you can have that same look in your home.

While many plug in chandeliers are designed for people with limited budgets, it is also possible to get higher-end models with velvet covered chains and expensive hand painted glass. You can even get plug in chandeliers with beautiful - and expensive crystal.

The great thing about plug in chandeliers is that, in addition to being usable out-of-the-box, they are also easy to take with you when you move. And you can put them just about anywhere you have an available electric outlet and a ceiling to hang it from.

These are also popular in kitchens, either hanging over the kitchen table or the kitchen island. Although you can pick designs that are more formal, with crystals or expensive glass, most of the time plug in chandeliers are intended to give a more casual appearance.




Plug in chandelier lighting makes having a chandelier painless because you don't have to worry about wiring. A plug in swag chandelier or plug in mini chandelier can really spruce up your home.

Some plug in chandeliers come with shades that are replaceable. This enables you to change the look and ambience of the room for any occasion. You can really go wild here with mirrored and colored shades that'll bring back the disco era. This is a great idea for parties.